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International Scientific Conference:
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education
Republic of Serbia, Belgrade, December 10-11, 2010.

Ministry of Science and Technological Development
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Youth and Sport
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Medical Science
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy

Topic areas:
Health–hygiene aspects of physical activity
Medical-therapeutic aspects of physical activity
Management and organization of Sport for everyone
Pedagogical-andragogical aspects of physical activity
Promotion of physical activity
Psychological aspects of physical activity
Growth, development and physical activity
Sociological aspects of physical activity
Physiology of physical activity

Terms for Applications:
- Term for registration and abstract submission is November 1st 2010
- Term for paper submission is December 1st 2010.
Note: one author can appear only in one paper as the first author and twice as co-author


The abstract should have a maximum of up to 300 words (Times New Roman, 11pt, single lining). The abstract should contain: title of the paper (Times New Roman, 14pt, bold); name or names of the author(s), institution, city and country of origin (Times New Roman, 9pt), as well as the following parts: Introduction, Method, Results and discussion, Conclusion (Times New Roman, 11pt single lining). For the participants from Serbia the abstract must be in both Serbian and English language and for all other participants in English language only.


Conference fee: Registration Prior to 1 November After 1 November
Full registration 50 Є + bank comission 60 Є + bank comission
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