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  indent Speaker: Assoc. prof. Veiga Fernández Santiago, PhD
  indent Institution: University of Polytechnics Madrid, Faculty of Sciences for Physical Activity and Sport, Madrid, Spain.
  indent Adress: Calle Cruz del Sur, 12, 3 derecha 28007 Madrid (Spain)
  indent Website: www.upm.es



  indent cv Biography (english): Santiago Veiga Fernández (33kB)
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  indent Speaker: Amador García Ramos, PhD
  indent Institution: University of Granada, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Department of Physical Education and Sport, Granada, Spain and Catholic University of Most Holy Concepción, CIEDE, Faculty of Education, Department of Sports Sciences and Physical Conditioning, Concepción, Chile.
  indent Website: www.beyondstrengthpapers.com
  indent Web Profile: www.researchgate.net/profile/Amador_Garcia_Ramos


  indent cv Biography (english): Amador Garcia Ramos (47kB)
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  indent Speaker: Tomaž Pavlin, PhD
  indent Institution: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of sport.
  indent Website: www.fsp.uni-lj.si



  indent cv Biography (english): Tomaž Pavlin (56kB)
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